05 December 2006

far out

a spaceboy for Elio

It took me a while to figure out which fabrics to use, but when I hit the right combination, this too-much-fun project from wee wonderfuls came together in a day of sporadic crafting (wrangling with the Elio being the main distraction). Please note the shrinky-dink Alain Mikli circa 1984 lunettes to go with the Norma Kamali epaulettes (for crystal specimen collection, naturellement).

I LOVE it! Love it!
That is precious!
The BEST. So crazycute. The lunettes!
I'm with Ann, I had to look real close at the lunettes before busting out laughing. Alain Mikli indeed (Alain Milki?).

Brilliant fabrics. Send a pic to Denyse Schmidt. xoxo Kay
ground control to elio....
Ormolu? Norma Kamali? de-coding the language of the knitting blog, while the snow settles on the branches of the landscape outside, sketching out our yard in white:

"Hang him; a gilder that hath his brains perished with quicksilver is not more cold in the liver".

bisous! K
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