07 November 2006

ursus major

a big knitted bear

MATERIALS: Four skeins Lamb's Pride Worsted in Sable, short lengths of Wild Oak and Roasted Coffee for the eyes and nose, about one pound of wool stuffing and one 50 by 5 inch length of fabric (this is Kaffe Fassett's Roman Glass in gold) for the bow
TOOLS: Size US4 needles and a tapestry needle for sewing up
PATTERN: Debbie Bliss's Sailor Bear from Toy Knits
NOTES: This was a very fun pattern to knit. I loved the 3D shaping. I might knit it again at a looser gauge and felt the pieces the next time I make it, but it's beautifully squishy as is. I made the bow by folding the fabric lengthwise inside out and sewing along one long side and both short sides (at an angle at the short sides) leaving an opening in the center of the long side to turn the piece right side out. I pressed it and topstitched along all edges.

The 3D shaping is bending the time space continuum! Reminds me of those cool crochet animals from Sweden.
Best bear I've ever seen. The bow is perfect for him.

Four skeins? That's a helluva lot of knitting!
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