01 November 2006


containers for your joy-giving holiday tidbits

Here's a set of nesting boxes from Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne's Mason-Dixon Knitting made by Kay her very self with one skein of Noro Kureyon. I plan to whip out a few of these one-skein wonder sets and tuck in goodies from the Japanese candy store. FYKI (for your knitting information), the bottom of the biggest box is 18 stitches, the middle box is 16 and the smallest 12.

those are beautiful!
Which reminds me to agitate for the return of the rest of your tupperware set of boxes.

I had forgotten even doing them in Noro! Mem......reeeees.

Don't forget to use Size 13 or 15 needles! Pattern says 10.5 and that's TOO TIGHT. xoxo Kay
Is the yarn held double? And is it 18/16/12 rows (1 row) or garter ridges (which I tend to think of as 2 rows because it takes me 2 rows to knit!)?
Hi, Lynn, the numbers refer to stitches to cast on for each box bottom, not rows. Generally to get a square in garter stitch your row count is double the number of stitches cast on and counting the ridges on the bottom of this set I see that's how Kay worked these (that is, the 12 stitch box has 12 ridges or 24 rows, and so on). The Kureyon wasn't knit doubled. Hope that helps, Cristina
Thank you so much Cristina - I have a stash of Kureyon that I picked up at a huge sale and I was so excited to see this idea. I'll be casting one on this morning!

dee-licious! like little boxes of licorice allsorts!
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