10 November 2006


yarns I dyed with natural materials

superwash sportweight sock wool in weld/natural, osage orange/osage orange+cochineal, cochineal+logwood/light cochineal$25/560 yards

superwash fingering weight sock wool in (clockwise from top of right stack) madder+cutch, osage orange+logwood, cochineal+logwood, weld, madder, cochineal$20/550 yards

laceweight kid mohair in (clockwise from top) weld, ivy, osage orange+logwood, pale indigo, indigo, cochineal, cochineal+logwood, black walnut and madder+cutch in the center$20/200 yards ($38 for the 400 yards of madder+cutch)

mohair and wool blend dk weight in (from left to right, top to bottom) pale, medium, deep indigo; osage orange overdyed with indigo, weld overdyed with indigo, osage orange+logwood; osage orange, madder, madder+cutch$15/245 yards

silk and merino laceweight in pale indigo and cochineal$40/660 yards

These yarns will go on sale at 5pm, Friday November 17th at The Waldorf School of Philadelphia's Holiday Craft Fair. (My time and effort are a donation to the school, so the full purchase price for these yarns goes toward fundraising.) This won't be the only yarn for sale at the fair. Rachel-Marie will be there with her handspun and hand-dyed yarns. Natalie Moss will be there with yarns and fleece from the sheep on her family farm. More plant-dyed and handspun yarn will be in the school store along with other crafts supplies and handmade gifts. Don't get me started about the food; (too late) several professional chefs and bakers are among my fellow parents at the school and their entrees, sandwiches, soups, pies, cookies, etc. will be for sale at the Fair, too. There's a children's craft room and a children's shopping room with handmade items all priced for $2 or less. The silk marionette play this year is "Snow White and Rose Red." Children are admitted free to the Fair (there is a charge for the play and for crafts) and adult admission is $5 (peek in at your Philadelphia lys for a postcard for $1 off admission or email me cbshiffman (at) yahoo (dot) com with your address and I'll mail one to you). Be sure to introduce yourself if you come by the Parent Handwork Table on Friday night--I'll be there from 5-9pm.

Gorgeous stuff!! I can't wait to someday get my dye-ing lesson from you. Good luck with the fundraiser.
why, oh why do i live so far from Philly? ;-) what a lovely bouquet, cristina. good luck! hope you post about the fair...
I can't make it but I'll be sending my personal shopper. xox Kay
Gosh, what a great collection you've got there. I wish oh wish I could come but the ocean is in the way. I love all the colours you've acheived. Did I ever tell you that you inspired me to mix my colours - I think it started with apple or cherry bark and cochineal that you did.
i look forward to being 'haunted' by you! stop by soon - i update my blog every day with new patterns.

love from scotland

Dawn x
that blanket! ;-) i think i spied it on your blog waaay back, no? it IS glorious. thank you for your inspiration-- now go sell some yarny goodness!! xoxo
Ohhh, Cristinaaaaaaa, your yarns are gorgeous. I just can't stand it! Are you guys taking phone bids like at Sotheby's? Whatever you don't sell, I'll buy! Seriously!

And is it possible to bid remotely on the afghan?

You're a genius, I tell ye.
YOUr yarn is amazing!
i love those colors! how do you do that???what dyes do you use???
seriously,, whatever you have leftover, i will buy!!!
i just love how you do the different shades of the same color. beautiful! i hope you post stuff at etsy.com too! :o)
found you thru masondixonknitting.com blog.
I'll definitely post about methods and sources when the Fair is over and I'm out of hibernation...I doubt I'll do an etsy shop...Simmy at Echoes of a Dream (link in my sidebar) has stocked an etsy shop with her plant-dyed fleece and blanket and has tutorials on how to dye with natural materials. I also have one how-to for getting a specific shade of pink (see "coral" in the recipes section of the sidebar).
I feel lucky to have bought the green sock yarn today at the fare. It was tough to decide which yarn to buy because it was all so beautiful.

No phone call about the blanket though so I fear that neither Savannahchik Jody, nor I, won the raffle. The blanket was even more beautiful in person.
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