09 November 2006


shades of blue (that are significantly darker in reality than they appear on my monitor)

These yarns (and paper and mother-of-pearl buttons) are "curing" before their final wash and rinse. The yarns will be on sale along with all the other yarns I've posted in the past few weeks (and more) at the Holiday Fair of the Waldorf School of Philadelphia on November 17th and 18th. Postcards that give the bearer $1 off admission to the event are at many Philadelphia yarn shops and I'm happy to send them out to any area readers who think they'll attend--just email me at cbshiffman (at) yahoo (dot) com with your address. I'm planning to post the full inventory on Saturday or Monday. I'll be at the Parent Handwork Knits Table all Friday 11/17 evening. Hope to see you there!

Would love to be there - looking forward to your pictures!
[HAPPY SIGH.] Clever girl to dye the buttons, too. xox Kay
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