17 October 2006


happy-making chocolate, pastilles and plant-dyed wool blanket from Echoes of a Dream

Simmy dyed this wool with (clockwise from the pink on the right) brazilwood with washing soda, logwood, madder with washing soda, marigold, walnut, indigo over goldenrod, and indigo over weld and fustic. The colors ray out from golden foil wrapping what remains of the Maya Gold Green&Black's chocolate Simmy tucked into the parcel. Okay, maybe G&B's is as good as Scharffen Berger. I'll have to taste more of it with my afternoon coffee and get back to you.

cristina, this bouquet of colour is too delicious!! and you *know* i'm gonna try those stash-busting balls, and try felting 'em, too. (if i do felt them, do i have to stuff them with fleece?)
Gosh what a lovely picture - you need to come and do my stall with me. Displays like this would sell everything. Glad everything arrived and that you did approve of the chocolate - poor Brits that's the nicest English made chocolate bar we have. I do agree that some of the blanket is a tad too thick but luckily 90% of the stuff I've dyed is fine. I've actually started using it!
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