22 October 2006


400 yards of kid mohair dyed in the madder and cutch exhaust bath

yer killin' me! gorgeous wool, fabby (natural) dyes, i'm crafting vicariously over here cristina. (up here?) please tell us what you're gonna do with the kid mohair...
It's ALL going on sale November 17th and 18th at the Waldorf School of Philadelphia's Winter Fair (7500 Germantown Ave in Mt Airy on the New Covenant campus). I'm donating my time and energy (the fair budget covered yarn and dyestuffs) and all proceeds benefit the school. Stay tuned, next week I'll be dyeing and over-dyeing with indigo.
hmmm-- can i justify a trip to philly, for the fair? ;-) lucky fair-goers. will tune in to see how it went!!
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