22 September 2006


a version of Teva Durham's Octagon bagMATERIALS: six 50g (95yds) hanks of Classic Elite Tapestry (a now discontinued worsted weight mohair and wool blend) in Botany Pink, fingering weight charcoal alpaca for the embroidered circle and almost one quarter of a skein of Lamb's Pride Worsted in Charcoal Heather to wrap the handles--all the yarns were worked doubled
PATTERN: I tweaked the pattern published in Interweave Knits Summer 2003 to suit the yarn I substituted for Fiesta's Kokopelli. I cast on 72 stitches for each side and 114 for the gusset, but worked the short rows and rounds as directed in the pattern. The same bag appears in the designer's book Loop-d-Loop, but I haven't compared the patterns.
NOTES: The handles kept curling even after felting and blocking, so I decided to wrap them. First I stitched them into a roll between the top two sections of the octagon. To wrap, I used Joelle Hoverson's directions (in Last Minute Knitted Gifts) for making a spiral corded tassel, but eased the knots into straight lines as I worked instead of letting them spiral.
I made this bag for an exchange with my friend Cheryl. If she leaves it here long enough, I may feel inspired to line it, but I'm also thinking about whether to embellish it further. Beads or French Knots in the circle (like the squarish motifs in The New Crewel)? A button and i-cord closure?

That is really cool. In the book, she makes a smaller bag with linen yarn and only casts on 40 sts. Its also lined. I like your bigger version better I think. I enjoyed your site!
I love it! Does the 'O' need something contrasty--shiny and/or bright? The French Knots from the New Crewel would be great I think. Or maybe a pearly button in the center of the O?

It's in the book in LINEN? O dear!
By the way, it reminds me of the start of a top-down raglan pullover. Next time I get tired of my raglan, maybe I'll just gusset it! xox Kay
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