05 September 2006


quilts designed by my nephews Raffi and Tony and pieced by me and my sisters Tonia, Margie, Amy and Sandra

"Six inch squares, in your choice of colors and however you want to place them." Those were the parameters set by my sister Tonia when she and her boys decided to make quilts for the boys' room. Raffi chose the earth and fire colors and Tony picked watery and airy blues and greens (trading temperaments). I made up pillows to go with the quilts and you see the completed works displayed in my brother Mario's house (a work in progress--and another family project, but that's material for another post).

You clever girls - they're stunning. Did you all sit together and do them would love to know more? Isn't it lovely having lots of sisters (I have three).
These are great! Love the colors.
so gorgeous! a vertitable family of artists...
FANTASTIC quilts. i originally red the title of your post as 'emmenthal'. not the same thing at all.
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